Exquisitely Formulated & Beautifully Crafted

Moissanite is a gem that doesn’t naturally develop on earth very commonly. In fact, it wasn’t even discovered until 1893 in the remnants of a meteor.

Taking what we learned from the Moissanite findings in 1893, jewelry companies have been able to grow their own Moissanite in laboratory environments. The result is a rare, beautiful, and ethically sourced.

The Moissanite used by our LÉVIUR jewelry designers is a direct relative to the space rocks found in 1893.

We complement our LÉVIUR stones with platinum-plated silver facets that are resistant to every form of wear you can possibly expose them to. The end product is one that won’t tarnish, dull, break, or natural wear within your lifetime, and all our products are excessively heat resistant.

We create the stone materials in our one-of-a-kind lab where we utilize cutting-edge formulas to ensure the end result is stunning and durable.