Our Story

Exquisitely Formulated & Beautifully Crafted

Here at LÉVIUR we believe in quality before anything else. Our products take upwards of 3 months in our exclusive labs to develop top-quality stones for our jewelry collection.

Each band for rings and each pendent for necklaces are carefully marked with the LÉVIUR Jeweler’s limited signature; letting you know you are just one of few to carry around such a beautiful piece of artisan craftsmanship. Don’t take our word for it, however. Below is a brief breakdown of the science behind the LÉVIUR gems, and just how good they are.

Our gems have some of the highest hardness scales in the world. While pearls have a scale of 2.5, moonstone of 6.5, and emeralds of only 7.5; the LÉVIUR stone comes in at a whopping 9.25 on the scale. What this means for you is you will never have to worry about your gemstone getting scraped, scratched, or chipped.

We develop our gemstones for life, and our testament to their durability is one of the many unique things that makes LÉVIUR jewelry so worth owning! We also make sure these durable gems aren’t small in size. The LÉVIUR gemstones boast a 20.4% cluster; meaning they are large and abundant across the ring. We design our gems to be noticed, and we know you want them noticed too. If you are looking to be dazzled by the light and a trick of your eye, the dispersion of our gems is also 0.104; meaning they shine brightly and create a beautiful array of colors when exposed to light. The LÉVIUR stone also has a Brightness index of 2.65 to 2.69; meaning the gem will not fog or fade in the future, provided it’s properly cared for.

Moissanite is a gem that doesn’t naturally develop on earth very commonly. In fact, it wasn’t even discovered until 1893 in the remnants of a meteor.

Taking what we learned from the Moissanite findings in 1893, jewelry companies have been able to grow their own Moissanite in laboratory environments. The result is a rare, beautiful, and ethically sourced.

The Moissanite used by our LÉVIUR jewelry designers is a direct relative to the space rocks found in 1893.

We complement our LÉVIUR stones with platinum-plated silver facets that are resistant to every form of wear you can possibly expose them to. The end product is one that won’t tarnish, dull, break, or natural wear within your lifetime, and all our products are excessively heat resistant.

We create the stone materials in our one-of-a-kind lab where we utilize cutting-edge formulas to ensure the end result is stunning and durable

We will also introduce recycled gold!

Dirty gold is often associated with history of civil war, environmental devastation and labor abuses. Gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining and millions of miners earn low wages working in dangerous working conditions.

Our main goal is to help diminish the negative impacts of dirty gold mining by reducing the demand and need for newly mined metals and contributing to programs dedicated to improve mining practices.

Quality and Origin

We ensure that we are able to source almost 100% recycled precious gold for our products. Our precious gold is sourced from ethical and sustainable sources that are working towards a better future for our world. Current disruptions in the supply chain during the COVID-19 crises is affecting the availability of recycled products, however, Léviur remains committed to sourcing recycled materials when possible.

To help in this campaign and battle the short limited supply of recycled gold, kindly take a look at our – Sell Your Gold Campaign, where we have offered the opportunity to our clients to help battle this limitation by sending their own personal gold in exchange for a fixed amount of credit in our store.

Our precious metal comes from numerous sources, including post-consumer materials, such as jewelry, industrial-use metals, and electronics components; material from in-house recycling, refining, and product manufacturing or other secondary sources; and investment gold and gold-bearing product. Currently we do not offer components and findings, like peg heads, posts, clasps, tennis bracelet mountings, and chains, from recycled sources due to limited availability. We are working with our suppliers to increase the availability of these components made from recycled sources.

Examples of Recycled Metal Sources:

  • Existing Jewelry
  • Industrial Use Metals
  • Electronics Components

Consequences of Mining

Metal mining, and gold mining in particular, is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining with 20 tons of ore required to produce enough gold for a single ring.


  • Water Pollution
  • Poor Safety
  • Standards for miners
  • Inhumane Labor practices
  • Rights Violations of indigenous peoples

What We Can Do

We can choose recycled metals to decrease the global demand for newly mined gold. This will diminish the environmentally and socially destructive effects of dirty gold and other metal mining practices. Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource.

The Next Generation of Sustainable Jewelry


All of our stones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the worlds’s foremost authority in gemology,

A unique certificate will be provided with every jewelry purchased.