Ethical Sourcing

We believe ethical sourcing should be a hygiene factor—something our customers should simply expect from us and not something we differentiate ourselves on alone—so we prepared a comprehensive guide to our supply chain and how it may affect your decision to shop with us.

Your ring is a token of something so intangibly wonderful and so earth shatteringly important that you chose to have it made from the most scarce and exceptional materials on earth. This is the simple story your ring tells—that there is no other love on earth like yours.

With this in mind, we know how important it is for you to feel confident that your ring was sourced from countries and businesses that have ethical policies and business practices:

Recycled Silver - We use 100% recycled sterling silver.

In-house plating - Our jewelers use in-house plating, rather than outsourcing to places with dubious working conditions.

Fair pricing - By cutting out any middle men, we guarantee fair pricing on all our pieces. Carbon neutrality - We offset 100% of the carbon emissions related to this product's lifecycle.