Reflecting the pure elegance of luxury, the Buvéur ring is the ring for the big spender and grenade in your life, spitting a regal statement of high quality. The Buveur’s design is both simple and unique to the LÉVIUR brand. We exquisitely carve the stone into the ring to create a stream of sparkling, shining gems as dazzling as the person you gift it to! Make the person you love standout with the Buvéur ring, with your choice of gemstone or diamond. We cut the stone to perfection, fit it, and you’ll be on your way; the best quality at the lowest price. That’s the LÉVIUR way.

  • Color: Perfect White (D or E)
  • Léviur Stone ™
  • Durability : 9.2 (Extremely durable)
  • Brilliance : Refractive index 2.39
  • Cut Grades : Ideal cut
  • Mohs scale : Léviur Stone™~9.2 / Pearls~2.5 / Moonstone~6.5 / Sapphire~9 / Emeralds~7.5
  • 5
  • 5.5
  • 6
  • 6.5
  • 7
  • 7.5
  • 8
  • 8.5
  • 9
  • 1.00 carat
  • 2.00 carat
  • 925 Silver
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    925 Silver
    - Perfect for all occasions
    - FREE platinum plating
    - Amazing value for budget option
    - Visually identical to 18K white gold ring

    925 Silver
    - Perfect for all occasions
    - FREE platinum plating
    - Amazing value for budget option
    - Visually identical to 18K white gold ring
    Regularly €189
    18K White Gold
    - Perfect for daily use
    - Has Intrinsic value and works as gold investment
    - Lifetime sparkle guarantee
    - Scratch and break resistant

    Regularly €1136
    18K White Gold
    - Perfect for daily use
    - Has Intrinsic value and works as gold investment
    - Lifetime sparkle guarantee
    - Scratch and break resistant

    Regularly €1512
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Feast your eyes upon the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

It’s not Diamond. It’s LÉVIUR

LÉVIUR Gems are exclusive. Designed with a proprietary formula, LÉVIUR is visually identical to diamonds, but at 1% of the cost.


Name Of Excellence

Made in limited quantities to preserve their excellence, the stones you receive are beyond expectation!

Our signature items are exclusive and only available for 6 days a month starting on the 10th of each month. Rarity and exclusivity are the pinnacle qualities to high-style luxury stones, and with LÉVIUR, you will own a piece of excellence.

Exquisitely Formulated, Beautifully Crafted, Affordably Priced

In the world of jewelry, diamonds have reigned supreme for most of modern history. However, they come at a high price; both literally and figuratively. Moissanite is a gem that doesn’t naturally develop on earth very commonly. In fact, it wasn’t even discovered until 1893 in the remnants of a meteor.

Taking what we learned from the Moissanite findings in 1893, jewelry companies have been able to grow their own Moissanite in laboratory environments. The result is a rare, beautiful, and more ethically sourced alternative to diamonds.

The Moissanite used by our LÉVIUR jewelry designers is a direct relative to the diamond-like space rocks found in 1893.

We complement our LÉVIUR stones with platinum-plated silver facets that are resistant to every form of wear you can possibly expose them to. The end product is one that won’t tarnish, dull, break, or natural wear within your lifetime, and all our products are excessively heat resistant.

We create the stone materials in our one-of-a-kind lab where we utilize cutting-edge formulas to ensure the end result is stunning and durable.

Unparalleled Luxury At Great Prices

One of the major benefits of using Moissanite is its ability to be produced with less economical and environmental impact than diamonds. Since we grow our LÉVIUR stones in a laboratory, using state-of-the-art technology, our stones are far less expensive, but no less luxurious in aesthetic, than the diamonds that encourage instability in the world.

Be Unique In A World Of Conformity

LÉVIUR stones are more than just diamond alternatives. They’re high-class luxury items that perfectly match anyone who wants to break away from the social norm. If you refuse to conform to the old-fashioned world around you and prefer to take the path less traveled, LÉVIUR stones are the perfect addition to your daily regalia.

Designed To Make A Difference

Our LÉVIUR stones are specifically designed to rival diamonds in both aesthetics and function. With the popularity of diamonds being so steadfast, we knew we had to develop a sister-stone to Moissanite that could provide a real, ethical, alternative. As a result of our dedication and technological power, our LÉVIUR stones match or exceed diamonds in terms of clarity, color, cut, and shape. To the naked eye, they are diamonds.

Make Peace And Save Struggling Nations

Diamonds are often lauded as a woman’s best friend and a man’s best accessory, but they are actually destructive due to the unethical way they are mined and distributed. People die mining and transporting diamonds, and entire economies are ruined due to the diamond industry.

Our LÉVIUR stones rival diamonds in every way, but they don’t result in destroyed economies or brutal deaths. Buying LÉVIUR stones takes funds away from the diamond industry, and it saves lives.


All The Appearance Of A Diamond,
With None Of The Price Tag!

You can examine our LÉVIUR stones all day, but you will never find a single tell-tale trait of it not being a diamond. Our formula resembles diamonds so closely, you will never be able to tell the difference. So, why spend a bunch of money on diamonds?

Our Iron-Clad LÉVIUR Promise

All our LÉVIUR jewelry comes with an iron-clad 3-year warranty. The warranty covers all forms of damage and wear, and we will never turn our back on it, or you. Not that you will need it. LÉVIUR is made to last.


Looks and feels amazing! Everyone is asking me where I can buy one 😀
Tamara K
So glad I was offered the opportunity to buy these products before launch, everyone was just amazed at the quality of the stone
Diane T.
I am not someone who usually comments or posts a review about a product, however I am extremely satisfied along with my wife which received this beautiful masterpiece for her birthday! Totally recommend it!
Aleshia B
My girlfriend’s happy….I’m happy 😊 Thank you Leviur!
Pietro L.
Managed to buy one of the rings before launch….JUST WOW
Federica M.
Sleek, elegant and luxorious. Best purchase of 2020 for sure.
Rosaria P.
Has the exclusive feel, and the fact that they will be limited it will give a prestige value to these amazing and luxury products <3
Giuseppe P


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5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9


1.00 carat, 2.00 carat


925 Silver, 18k White Gold

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